What We Do

28 Squared Studios is a media production company that engages with digital and linear channels, businesses, and talents on telling stories.

Video Production

At 28 Squared Studios, video production is our core offering.

We provide our service to over-the-top video streaming providers, television networks, brands, corporate businesses, offline and online events, and social media channels.

  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-production

Talent Distribution

We also represent and connect artists from the Philippines to opportunities in Hong Kong, South Korea, and Singapore. From social media advertising to television and music projects, we bridge Filipino talents to the international arena.

Digital Marketing

Digital PR
Part of our services are planning and implementing PR campaigns, writing PR articles, and sending PR materials to media partners.

Social Media Management
We offer conceptualizing of content, copywriting, graphic design, and managing of social media pages.

Celebrity Marketing
We provide talents and influencers to various brands across Asia. Part of our scope of work includes coordinating with agencies, negotiating and closing deals, and assisting in the creation of the influencer’s social media content.

Content Distribution

We help distribute and sell the programs of our international production partners from our network in the region to streaming platforms and television stations.

Special Project

As part of our efforts to further champion Asian stories, we launched our own podcast program called “Your dose of inspirASIAN with Richard Juan.”

The podcast program aims to put the spotlight on different Asians from various industries around the globe and highlight their fascinating works, admirable accomplishments, and contributions to their communities.

Clients & Content Partners

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